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A Complete Guide to API Development

What is API and Things to consider when developing an API? API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of instructions, standards, or requirements that enables a software or app to […]

How to increase the apartment security using the visitor management app?

Are you thinking about improving the security of your gated apartment complex? Go for the Visitor Management System to make your premises more secured. The visitor management app is an […]

How to develop a Meat and Fish Delivery app like Fresh to Home

Everyone is trying to live in a new normal due to the corona epidemic, and ordering your favorite food is part of that new normal. With this new normal demand […]

Business strategies of on-demand Multi-service app

Taking leverage of what the market is demanding, entrepreneurs come up with an excellent strategy/business model of on-demand business. By offering door-step service to their customers, entrepreneurs solved the problem […]

How to envision the shopping experience with your own app like idealz?

eCommerce mobile apps are everywhere today and these apps are so entangled in our lives that eCommerce apps are our second favorite after the social media apps. From ordering your […]

What caused Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to go down?

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram remained disconnected and as a result, a huge number of users couldn’t get to the social media platforms during the October 4th, 2021 worldwide outage.  Why […]

Top 5 Self-driven Car Rental Apps

  Factors such as the rise in the trend of on-demand transportation services and low car ownership among millennials have driven the growth of online car rentals services. The adoption […]

Mobile app vs website-Which is a better solution for an eCommerce business?

  eCommerce business is immense and it’s growing each day. A long time ago, every one of the eCommerce businesses was running successfully because of their eCommerce website, yet that […]

A complete guide on Hybrid app development

  90% of the time people spend on their mobile phones is spent on apps. Now, the number of app downloads has reached 310 billion worldwide.   The development of […]

Benefits of Developing a multi-service app like Urban Company

  Urban company is a one-stop solution for all kinds of delivery, professional services, and rental services. This app has gained immense popularity since its launch due to the ease […]

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