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How much does it cost to develop a classified app like OLX?

OLX and Quikr are global classified companies that allow selling and buying second-hand or used goods locally. OLX extended its operations to other popular services like job search, home search, and services search. People can avail of OLX and Quikr services through iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps, apart from accessing through the website. So, users can use OLX/ Quikr apps on their laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.


Talking about OLX, it has a wide user base. More than 350 million people are using it to find the best products and services online. Olx was founded in 2006, and it operates in 118 countries. Likewise, Quikr is another advertising platform with over 300 million unique members every month. It operates in 1200 cities across India and operates in various verticals across education, homes, cars, jobs, and services. Currently, the Quikr is valued at 5 565.70 million dollars.


Classified ads revenue from 2015-2021

When thinking about OLX mobile app development, the first thing that comes to mind is, what features should be included in the OLX/ Quikr mobile app and how much it cost to create an app like Quikr/ OLX.

Have a look at the below important features that determine the online marketplace app like Olx and Quikr:

  1. Easy registration & login.
  2. One can post a free ad with a verified phone number.
  3. One can buy or sell products like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, cars, bikes, property, furniture, fashion items, and books, etc.
  4. Users can flier search to find preferred buyers/sellers.
  5. Private chatting option with sellers, and safe negotiation about the price.
  6. As a special feature, users can get their car inspected by Mahindra Autoinspekt.
  7. Real-time alerts and notifications about other buyers & sellers who are nearby.
  8. App attracts users with the most popular and trending deals in their city.
  9. One can save ads or products that he wants to purchase in the near future.


What is the real cost of OLX-like app development?


App Platform

The cost of OLX-like app development for iOS is generally lesser than for Android. The average cost to develop a classified app like OLX or Quikr is high for android as it takes many testing methods.


App Design

UI and UX are very important elements of any app design that can get hold users’ interest. Good design requires the effective use of advanced technologies, which costs more to develop an app like Quikr/ OLX, but worthy.


If you want to reduce app development costs like OLX, Quikr, you can prefer a simple design. FuGenX has proven expertise in designing eye-catching apps at an affordable cost.


App size

App size means the total number of features and functionalities an app would have. You can reduce app size in order to reduce cost by giving preference to only core features in version one of the app.


App developers

The cost of development of apps like OLX varies on the type of development company, their expertise, and developers’ geographic location.


Payment Gateway

Integrating payment gateway into the main app makes sure payment happens without any disruptions. The cost to develop an app like Olx and Quikr will be marginally high if you integrate a payment gateway, but it is really worth it.


What is the cost of developing an OLX-like app at Sigosoft?

If you are planning to develop an app like OLX and Quikr that provides a better customer experience and looking for the best mobile app development company, reach Sigosoft Private Ltd. It is a global mobile app development services company, specializing in Android and iOS app development. Sigosoft helps people and businesses develop OLX-like apps with highly advanced and innovative features at an affordable cost. You can view more details on our classified product page and have a look at the demo of our classified mobile app developed for the Android platform.


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