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How Porter App Became No.1 In Packers And Movers?

Porter App is No.1 in India


Packers and Movers can be standout to top only when they follow on-time service. Efficient customer service automatically increases the revenue of the company. Also, we can’t imagine how frustrating it is if a company fails to deliver the goods on time.


Logistics and Supply Chain services face many problems due to differences in geographic areas and clusters in metro cities. Thus the demand for e-commerce companies also increases, and the loading-unloading time is another problem.


 So there is a need for efficient, simple, and proper logistic solutions and truck booking apps that are inevitable for all kinds of businesses to arise. This scenario boosts the rise of the Porter app to the top.


Porter App


Porter app


In 2016, three friends: Vikas Choudhary, Uttam Digga, and Pranav Goel, created a startup for truck booking app Porter. They make a detailed study on Uber and then developed an app to book trucks in simple steps to connects users to their nearest vehicle partner. 


Recently they started small pickups and drops through small bike delivery apps like Dunzo. The app got quick reach because of their customer friendly approach, and now Porter became India’s largest truck booking app.


Porter India


Porter app now offers its service to over 15 cities in India. Budget-friendly rentals, hassle-free booking, real-time tracking, promotions and loyalty programs help stand out the porter in the top position among movers app.


Who can Use Porter?


Porter is not only used by professionals and businesses man but also by the ordinary person as follows

  • Packers and movers services for house shifting
  • To shifts things like machines, electronic items, etc.
  • Small scale enterprises Who deliver their packages
  • For small packet pickups and drops within the city.





According to customer needs, they can choose the type of the vehicle from bike to pickup.


Porter Delivery App


porter_delivery app


When a commoner has to move his things for relocation, a shop owner has to change his shop to another location, or a businessman has to transfer his machines between locations. When these scenarios come, the fluctuating price from packers and movers or mini truck booking creates so many headaches for ordinary people. Truck booking app like Porter solves this problem.


Home shifting service is quite easy if you have an app like porter. The app shows the type of vehicles for goods delivery and from the list we can choose the particular vehicles for our need. The list shows the nearest packers and movers. After this, user will get the delivery charge and total time taken to deliver the product.


The driver’s name and vehicle number, along with the tracking option, will come up after booking. Within the offered time, the vehicle will reach. The procedure is simple like the Dunzo app, taxi booking app, Rent a car app, etc.


Porter Partner App


porter_Driver app


Porter Partner App helps increase the business for truck drivers and movers so they can get the task wherever they are.
Once a driver-partner joined their company, they will keep all necessary documents. When a booking notification comes, the partner will accept it and then they updates their location.

Porter App Download


To download the top Porter Partner App, click here 

For Porter Delivery App for your requirements, click here


How Porter Raises Revenue?


Porter follows two types of revenue model


  • Subscription-Based Model
  • On-Demand Revenue Model


They charge a base fare per kilometre and wait time for every trip. Since e-commerce giants like AmazonDelhivery, Myntra, etc., are incorporating them for mini truck booking they introduced a subscription-based model app for movers.


In 2015-16, Porter earned its revenue of 18-19 crore. They expected a drop due to demonetization and Covid-19, but their revenue increased four times.


In 2022, the porter owns net worth of Rs 275 crore.


How To Develop A Packers and Movers App Like Porter?


  • Finding the current Scenario in packers & Movers

For that, you require to evaluate your business goals, and also should connect it with the demands of your customers. You need to analyze what your users need, what are their problems, and also exactly how your app can solve all those concerns in a reliable way.

  • Point out the customer requirements

For instance, you might ask exactly how often they relocate, or what sort of solution they utilize for transporting their items, and also essentials. In addition, you can also inquire if they utilize any type of specific movers and packers application, as well as if of course, after that what all features they like because application.

  • Wireframe Creation
  • Designing of the app(Customized)
  • Finding the suitable technologies for the development
  • Creating milestones and timeline
  • Assigning the expertise developing team
  • Testing and maintenance process
  • Getting real-time Feedbacks 
  • Competitor Analysis and New feature Updating


Cost For Developing Best Packers & Movers App?


The cost of developing a home shifting services like Porter may change depending on the following features. If the company provides offers and discounts. 

Depending on time and features, porter-like app costs may vary between $20,000 and $50,000. Developers hourly charges till the end phase. 

Creating an app like a porter in India is affordable, anywhere between $40-$80.Asian companies always offer budget-friendly development cost


How To Evaluate The Cost For Developing An App For Movers And Packers?


  • App development Platform: The other factor for developing a transportation app like porter may vary depending upon the platform. The Development cost for an android app is much higher than for iOS.  Flutter, react native, and other upgraded technologies are used for hybrid app development.
  • Customized UI/UX Design
  • App Developers: The hourly charge for the expert is consistently high, and the expected result is perfect. 
  • Advanced Features: Porter-like app features have push notifications, OTP generation and encryption for data security, and much more.


To develop an efficient, budget-friendly, customized and proper truck booking app, Here is Sigosoft with expert developers and designers. If you are an entrepreneur looking for millennial ideas, please read our blog on how to build a website and app like idealz. A straightforward website, making millions by gifting millions of prizes to its customers. 

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