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Classified App, OLX Like Classified App Development

Through a Classified Website and Mobile application can take your business to the next level without much effort. The classified apps can be B2B, B2C, and C2C platforms where you can sell, buy or rent several things online. This can include cars, real estate, furniture, electronic items, and a lot more.

One such example is OLX. OLX is one of the top classified apps where you can buy, as well as sell items.

Now, are you looking for such an app? If yes, come to Sigosoft.

Sigosoft is one of the top-level companies providing classified website and mobile apps

We built many Classified websites and mobile apps. At Sigosoft, we strive hard to provide the ideal and customized classified website and mobile apps for you.

A stunning classified mobile application enables the customers to purchase and sell almost all the things online. Having your own classified mobile app will help your customers to sell/buy the essential things while sitting at their home.

At Sigosoft, we built classified apps for Web, Android and iOS. We use the latest technologies to develop a unique and feature-rich web and mobile apps for all the levels of enterprises (small, medium, and large scale). Our experts develop a unique and effectual strategy to offer a stunning and productive app for your business as per your requirements.

With our classified app, you can reach your targeted customers easily.

Significant benefits of Classified Apps

The main benefits of the classified mobile apps are:

  • It can help you attain more loyal customers.
  • It increases your online presence, as well as promote your brand.
  • With this app, you can sell every essential things ranging from cars to cosmetics.
  • It can convert a huge number of traffic into loyal customers.



Through the search bar, the users can search the products they are looking for. Even the recent searches and the recommended products will be shown in the suggestion while searching.

Create Shops

Users can create and add their own shops to the app by providing their shop details. Their shops will be shown to the customers either by searching the products available in their shop or through top suggestions shown while searching.

Home Screen

Home Screen shows the recent changes in the app. Every time when the user refreshes the page, the content in the page changes.


Various lists of products are shown in the category page. This helps users to choose their favorites without getting collapsed.


This is used to show the products and the stores on the map. It shows the location where the searched products are available.


This directs the users from their location to the store location where their required products are available. It is nearly similar to Google maps.

Create ad, Edit or Delete

Using our classified apps, the users can create an ad. If any modifications are needed to be done, they can use the edit option to edit or use delete option if the ad is no longer needed.


Inbox messaging system is available in the app to send private or group messages.

Upload images

Users can upload images using their mobile camera or photo album. They can even add images which are already stored in Google drive.

Watch List

Users can add their favorites to the watch list and can use later whenever they need it. They can add any number of their favorites to the watch list.

Rental Packages

The best thing about this app is, the users can buy, sell or rent the products and services. Different rental packages and schemes are available for the users.

Share Items

The users can share a product and its description in all their social media platforms using share option.

Add Comments

The users can even add comments to the products by tagging. This can help the store admins to make changes what users are expecting from them and can also help other customers to know about the products.


Secure and reliable payment can be done quickly. This allows the user to send and receive cash making the transaction quick and simple.


The users can find and compare the products of various shops and choose the best price for buying the products.

Loyalty Points

The users can earn the loyalty points on an offer purchase. Loyalty points can be used as in-app currency that can be collected and exchanged for personalized reward.


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