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Community apps are developed for some specific audience who helps the community to organize a get-together. With community apps, they can organize certain events such as college alumni meet, political meets, etc.

Community app can help you in sharing information about a community.

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Sigosoft is a well-established and experienced community app development company. With our community apps, you can easily manage all the activities of the community. We have a talented and expert team of android, windows, and iOS app developers. Our main motto is to deliver excellent quality services to our clients as we strive hard for it.

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We are ready to assist you 24/7. Sigosoft is a leading community app development company. We can help you develop a community app as per your needs. Our dedicated team of app developers will work with you to deliver a perfectly designed and functional community app. We focus on the aspects that can make your app sustain in the current marketplace.

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Group and Private Messaging

If searching for a group communication application, our community application will help the users with both group and private messaging features. Major announcements concerning all people from the user’s community can be sent by the group chat while contacting certain people through a private messaging framework is as yet possible.


To ensure the community is conflicting and to avoid uncommon instances when an unruly member messes with the member's list or posts unapproved announcements, our community application permits you to limit administrator access just to those that can be completely trusted by the group.


All sessions and events can be listed in the program including past events and the events going to happen next. Times can be clearly listed along with the location in our community apps.


This feature is used to unlock all the major functionalities of the app. There are paid memberships under Gold and Silver schemes in which only the paid members can access all the features of the app according to the scheme they choose.


This feature allows the community members to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions. They will be able to launch the poll and gather responses from the users.


Secure and reliable payment can be done quickly. This allows the user to send and receive cash making the transaction quick and simple.


The users can view, manage, and organize images and videos in the gallery. It can be automatically organized and easy to share.

UI/UX Factors

The UI-UX design in Android and iOS is one of the most essential factors we consider while building a mobile app. While upgrading a mobile application, our UI/UX designers go for an exhaustive approach and look beyond the normal standards of user flow, feedback, structure, and visibility. A remarkable UI design is that it creates word-of-mouth. The more people come to know about the application, the more downloads.

Updates and Notifications

When you open the application, the page right away will get refreshed to show you the latest feed. Our community-driven applications are furnished with a capacity to emphasize new content at the beginning.

This is important to keep up user engagement on our application for longer periods.

User Experience Factor

Even though an app has great content, can be impressively capable, and can have numerous followers, however, if the application has a poor insight, for example, the brand image is in a difficult situation then the app will not have a good engagement.

So we have developed our community apps with great user experience by considering that user engagement is essential, so the users will get notified, and we offer them personalized suggestions dependent on their past preferences.



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