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  • Advanced UI/UX with the latest features
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  • Cutting-edge doctor consultation solutions
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With a technology-based model, most people today are looking for an alternative to long waits at an OP counter in a hospital. A 'Doctor Consultation App' frees the patient from the tiresome wait in hospital hallways, bringing the doctors to the comfort of their homes. With years of proven experience, Sigosoft can deliver a decent 'Doctor Consultation App' that fits your company's needs.

Concerned About Your Doctor Consultation App?

As an app development company, Sigosoft will prove to be useful for you. The developers at Sigosoft will make sure that you maintain a highly challenging and evolving market in the 'doctor consultation' business. We are one of the emerging names in doctor consultation mobile app development.

The professionals at Sigosoft thrive on working with 100% effort to make sure that you get the perfect 'doctor consultation mobile app' with cutting-edge features. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Sigosoft.

Looking For A Trustworthy Doctor Consultation App Development Company

One of the leading choices of doctor consultation service providers when it comes to 'doctor consultation' mobile app development. Sigisoft tries to develop a doctor consultation app to enhance your doctor consultation business immensely. Our doctor consultation app lets you drive more traffic, leading to increased user engagement and ROI. We provide a robust, reliable, flexible, and secured 'doctor consultation' app.

Our Unique Features of A Doctor Consultation App

    Patient App

    Patient App

    • Allows patients to navigate through the app and consult their required doctors with ease.
    • Integrates the most advanced features.
    • Highly interactive and engaging UI/UX.
    • Provides the most user-interactive experience across platforms like android, iOS, or website.
  • quick login Quick Login A patient can easily login to the app using his phone number. We take special care to make sure that the login process is not too complicated.
  • Request Medicine Request Medicine A patient has the option to upload a prescription and request medicine. The pharmacy checks for the available medicine, and it is delivered to your doorstep.
  • See Availability See Availability Patients can see the availability of doctors and pick a time for the consult that suits both the patient and the doctor.
  • Book Appointments Book Appointments A patient is able to book offline appointments as well as online consulting appointments based on the availability of a doctor with our app.
  • Whatsapp Consult Whatsapp Consult A patient can even describe their symptoms to a doctor via WhatsApp and get expert advice on matters. Our app lets the patient get care from the comfort of their home.
  • Advanced Search Advanced Search Patients can search for doctors based on online or offline consultation, specialty, or doctor name. They can even book appointments after the search.




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