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We believe that people look up to the e-Learning apps for knowledge and information, therefore it should be well-integrated with features that make it easy to use and cater to all the needs of the students and the users. Let your students access abundance of information from a reliable e-learning mobile app.

Let's talk! Together we can develop the best e-learning app to give the perfect platform to make your ideas reach the right audience. We provide top-notch e-learning mobile development services to make online education accessible in all platforms. Our Educational app development team includes the skilled and experienced designers, developers, testers, and more. All working towards making your dream a reality.

We have 7+ years of experience in developing the best e-Learning app for various educational purpose. From understanding who the target audience is to figuring out their requirements and developing the app accordingly is what they have always been practicing. Hence you can expect the beneficial output from our developers.

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Quality E-Learning Mobile App custom-tailored at affordable prices

Sigosoft always focus on one thing, and that is quality. This is what makes us one of the top e-learning mobile app developers. Our designers make sure you can structure and organise your study material, such that your course looks perfectly streamlined. With in depth knowledge of native programming languages, audio and video high-quality user interface, our experts are sure to deliver the best e-learning application that match the latest trends. Our educational mobile apps are custom made and accessible via tablets and smart phones.

We can develop an application for a playgroup student to engineering, medical, IAS, PCS, and all other courses. Not only we make applications, but we also create the best UI for our users. For us, our clients and the end-users are much worthy, so we bring them the end solutions that are as per their requirements.

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Features of our E-Learning Mobile App


As your business develops, there'll be a never-ending addition to the number of users too. Your application needs to adjust to new versions, new forms of the working frameworks (iOS/Android), and backing the expansion of new features to the application.

Learner Focused UI Design

The mobile application you're building has a particular purpose which is, to encourage learning. A student-driven UI design assists your students to focus on the course content, which is ideally spread out across mobile devices.

Push Notifications

Unlike emails and messages that have been delivered ineffective or spammy over the years, pop-up messages are pushed onto the notification bars on your learner's phone. These notifications helps to directly connect with your learners and keep them engaged.


You can't ignore the reality that the present learners have a more limited range of attention. With content that is designed for micro-learning and an application that is built to deliver this content, you can overwhelm the micro-learning scene!

Student portal

That way students track their performance, plans, grades, attendance and download them whenever they need it. It is likewise a communication channel with instructors. The downloaded materials can be used even when the students are offline.

Support for Offline Content

This feature permits your users to download the course content and access it whenever they need them. They will not need to stress over connectivity issues, slow loading speeds, or excessive battery consumption, thus assisting them to focus on learning.

Student data management

This includes student information, clinical records, emergency contacts, attendance, grades, and all interactions. This helps the parents to be in contact with teachers and help them to stay in the loop about their children’s progress.

Individual education plans (IEP)

This permits making a personalized curriculum for each student. The plan varies from advanced to premium syllabus as per the student's requirement. This shows in advance the complete plan and schedule what they are going to learn online.

Registration and scheduling

This helps students sign up for courses and without distorting their schedules. We have added this feature in order to make an easy registration process. Once the registration is completed, the students can easily access the syllabus and assessments.

Point solution

The admin of the app can create assessments, gather results, handle the administration, and run reports. The admin can edit the created information whenever needed. This helps the instructors and the students to follow an easy way of learning.

Why Choose Sigo Learn?

As we are very much aware of the business environment growing quickly as time passes, choosing an alternate way is a way to stand out.

The Sigo learn app is planned and modified with the help of years of experienced e-learning app developers. We are glad to help the business influential and happy to relish them with our services. We partner with the organizations for their e-learning application development imperatives affected by mobile or tablet platforms.

Industries: eBook Learning, Online Training, E-Library Solutions, Coaching Centers, Nursery & Preschool, College & University, Education Management Solution

SigoLearn Mobile App Features

  • Customizable
    The app can be published in the name of your brand.
  • Multiple Course Subscription
    Students can select the course they want to learn and the subscription option helps them know the updates of the selected course.
  • Quick Payment Gateway
    Secure and reliable payment can be done quickly. This allows the user to send and receive cash making the transaction quick and simple.
  • Live and Recorded Classes
    The students can attend the live sessions of the course they select as per the schedule. If they miss the live classes, they can learn from the recorded modules and save it for future use.
  • Study Materials for each Sessions
    This app consists of study materials and online exercises for each session. The students can download and use these materials offline also.
  • Live Interactions
    The students can interact with the instructors in the live sessions and clear their doubts.
  • Online Exams
    Once the student completes the course, they can attend slip tests, mock tests, FAQs and written exams online.
  • Evaluation Reports
    Once the students have completed the exams, the evaluated results will be sent to them and they can download the reports.
  • Leaderboard
    Based on the evaluation report of the students, their rankings will be updated on the leaderboard.
  • Push Notifications
    Whenever there is an update on the session timings, course syllabus changes, or meeting schedules, the students will be notified with a pop-up message.




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