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Features of Customer App

Registration and login

The sign-in page is the initial process to get into the application, and we have made the processes of registration and authorization simple. We have provided multiple options for registration. The user can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password or allow entry through social media profiles.

Restaurant Profile

The restaurant has full control over its profile in the app. They can provide all the information to the users to help them out. This includes details like the food menu, images, phone number, direction to the restaurant, and reviews.

Search And Find Food Easily

Our app shows a smart list of all the restaurants and cuisines organized by location, type of food, food preferences, different nation’s cuisine, etc. With this smart list feature, the user can find what they wanna eat.

Order Scheduling

Using this scheduling option, the users are able to order the food in advance by setting the delivery time. The users no need to sit and wait for a long time instead they can simply schedule and receive their order whenever they need.

Special discounts

Our app shows attractive offers to the users, who will be delighted to order food from the app using special deals and discounts. This is going to assure customer loyalty and satisfaction, along with attracting more customers to the app. Of course, through push notifications, we let people know about all the attractive deals and offers on the app.

Order tracking

After the order is placed, there is no need for the users to wait for the delivery. They can track the progress of their order through the app.With this feature, the user can easily track their order and know about its status.

Coupon codes

The users can use the coupon codes and special discounts which they will be notified of for any occasion. These occasional offers will be valid only for a specific time and only applicable in particular restaurants.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our food delivery apps have multiple payment methods. The user can pay with credit or debit cards, internet banking, wallets and even cash on Delivery (COD) is available. These multiple payment methods online could help if the user runs out of cash.

Fast delivery

After placing an order and confirming payment, the users will be provided with the contact information of the delivery person. The users can contact the delivery guy and get information about where they are and how long it will take for them to deliver.

Reviews and Ratings

People consider reviews and ratings as a recommendation. If the ratings are low, then people will choose other restaurants. The rating system provides the overall progress of your restaurants like the quality of food, on-time delivery, and so on. This creates the bond between the user and the food delivery mobile application with an enhanced user experience.

Features of Delivery App

Registration and login

The drivers who have been hired for delivering the food orders can fill in their details and login to the app.

Order details

Drivers can get the order details from the restaurants from where they are taking the orders.

Accept/Reject orders

The drivers will be notified with the order placed through push notifications. They can either accept or reject the orders based on their comfortability. The rejected order details will be redirected to the next person.

Push Notification

Whenever there is any change in orders or any important information from the restaurant must be given to the drivers, they will be notified through message pop-ups.

Complete Order

Once when the driver delivers the order to the respective customers, they can complete the order.

Features of Restaurant App

Registration and login

New Restaurant app admins can register and login by giving their official restaurant details like email/username and password.

Order details

The order details placed by the customers will be shown in the new orders list. The admin can check and assign the orders to the respective workers in the restaurant.


If the admin needs to give any information to the workers, they can use the inbox messaging system to send a group or private messages to the workers

Assigning the orders

If a new order is being shown on the list, the admin can assign it to the drivers nearby the location from which the order is being placed. The admin can even modify according to the status of the driver.


The admin will get the payment notifications through a pop-up message. They can manage the payment options(COD, credit/debit cards, UPI) and can communicate with the customers if there are any interactions regarding the payment.