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Magento is one of the best platform to develop eCommerce sites. As of now, considering enhanced security, Magento has introduced Magento 2 and all the users are supposed to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Magento will not provide support for security patches or any other support for the users of Magento 1 platform. Upgrading to Magento 2 will benefit users in multiple ways. It increases the speed, enhances the user experience, performance, as well as scalability.

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What are the benefits of Magento?

Overall Decrease in development, as well as the maintenance cost
Magento has several amazing and useful features, which can save overall costs. Additionally, saves the deployment time for the developers.
Magento eCommerce software offers perfect responsiveness, which in turn helps you in enhancing the statistics of the sales mainly from the users on mobile platforms.
Magento streamlines recurring and large orders using offline catalogs. This makes the order processing simple for B2B customers.
A perfect Magento development company helps you in real-time tracking of inventory.

Which Magento Development Company is good?

Getting benefit from Magento 2 is not a difficult task if you hire the best company. Confused about choosing the best Magento development company?

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Why hire Sigosoft?

We are the top Magento development company in USA. Our team has the expertise to deliver remarkable services for customers.

Being a top Magento development company , we have served many customers from several niches. From our experience, we strongly believe that every component of Magento should be integrated carefully. This is vital for the success of every business.

Until now, we have developed many websites using Magento that are used by several users. Ranging from ERP to PIM, our team of Magento developers are capable enough to integrate your Magento environment with almost all the 3rd party platforms.

Our team follows a proven and effective formula of planning and implementation to deliver outstanding output.

What do we offer?

Hiring us will enhance your brand with the versatility, as well as performance required to make your website reach the top position. We help you in empowering your brand seamlessly and budget-friendly.

Proper SEO Plan

We create a plan for search engine performance. This includes essential snippet features and meta tags for Magento 2.


We do the configuration of core Magento 2 features. For example, advanced search, B2B Module, Product Catalogue, and a lot more.

Custom Features

We design and develop custom features and connect difficult system integrations to satisfy the requirements of business and users.


We ensure proper testing to deliver you error-free service.

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