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Our Mobile Testing Differentiation

  • Test optimization on the basis of mobile device market penetration.
  • A trained pool of mobile testers with not just functional testing but also usability testing experience
  • Testing services across a wide set of popular devices and mobile operating systems
  • State of the art mobile lab for device, emulator and simulator based testing

Why is Mobile App Testing important?

Mobile Application Testing empowers undertakings to build applications that are adaptable and available across various platforms. It's an interaction to build an application programming by testing it for its usefulness, ease of use, and consistency. This should be possible through automation just as with manual testing.

What Are the Types of Mobile Testing?

What Are the Types of Mobile Testing?
Application Functionality
  • Work flows
  • UI and UX
  • Device compatibility
Real Environment Condition Testing
  • Connectivity conditions
  • Interruptions (Calls/SMS)
  • Background/Foreground Activities
  • Gestures
Non-Functional Testing
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility
  • Execution and accessibility
  • Programming interface testing(API)

4 Types of Mobile Apps

There are four sorts of mobile technologies that organizations have today. Furthermore, your mobile testing approach may differ depending on which sort of application you're building.

Native (iOS/Android)

Native applications can be used in both Android and iOS. An iOS application is incorporated into an IPA binary record, that can be then tried with Appium or potentially XCUITest systems. Also, an Android application is built into an APK file that can be then tried utilizing Appium and additionally Espresso systems.


Hybrid applications consist of a local application covering that is independent of iOS or Android. In this way, a hybrid application can get to all working frameworks specific capacities. A hybrid application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Web applications are accessed through mobile local browsers, for example, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. These are pure web applications. Along these lines, they are supported by the Selenium test system.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A Progressive Web App is an installable web link specific to iOS and Android. Instagram and Twitter are the two examples of PWAs. You can make an alternate way to these applications and install them without going to the App Store or Google Play.

Why choose Sigosoft over others?

Sigosoft is a famous mobile application testing organization that offers magnificent mobile application testing administration. We fabricated our specialty in mobile testing administrations, particularly in portable testing applications on iOS and Android devices. With a group of devoted quality evaluators, we play out a wide range of versatile, local, and portable applications testing, including a solid portable testing approach.