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Car Rental Mobile App Development

  • User-friendly design ensures easy navigation for both the customers and the car rental company
  • Top-of-the-line car rental app solutions that run smoothly on the internet
  • Delivers a pleasant experience for both the users and the car rental company
  • Integrated with the most trending and advanced features to maximise the rent a car app users
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One of the most trending businesses nowadays, most folks use rent-a-car services to fulfil several needs. A ‘Rent A Car’ mobile app makes the tiresome task of renting a car fairly easy. Sigosoft has years of proven experience in car rental mobile app development.

Facing A Decline In Your Car Rental Business?

Sigosoft, being an app development company, can prove to be an asset for you. Our developers will ensure that you always maintain a highly challenging and evolving market in the ‘rent a car’ business. We are one of the aspiring names in car rental mobile app development .

The professionals at Sigosoft are bound to put forth their 100% effort to present to you the perfect car rental app with top-of-the-line features. Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Sigosoft.

Confused About Choosing A Trustworthy Rent-A-Car App Development Company?

One of the preferred choices of the rental car service providers when it comes to car rental mobile app development, Sigosoft tries to develop a car rental app to enhance your car rental business immensely. Our car rental app lets you drive more traffic, leading to increased user engagement and ROI. We provide a robust, reliable, flexible, and secured ‘rent a car’ app.

Our Unique Features of A Rent A Car App

    Customer App

    Customer App

    • Allows customers to navigate through the site and book the required services with ease.
    • Incorporates the most advanced features.
    • Highly engaging and intuitive UI/UX.
    • Provides the most user-friendly experience.
  • Quick Login Quick Login One of the initial processes to get into the application, we take special care to make the sign-in, registration, and authorization as easy and user-friendly as possible.
  • Advanced Search Advanced Search Our app lets the user sort through different makes and models of cars and choose according to their preference. The user can make an informed choice in terms of budget and preferability.
  • Payments Payments A car rental app has its own way of calculating the price depending upon the chosen model and the duration it is booked for. The users can fix their budget accordingly.
  • Push Notification Push Notification Once a user completes the payment, his booking is confirmed via a notification that pops up on his device, along with the information about the car, and the duration it is booked for.
  • Schedule Schedule The user can schedule a time from when they would be availing the car. The customers are even able to schedule their convenient time for a carwash.
  • Subscribe Subscribe The users will be able to subscribe to their favourites and could use the deal later. The subscriptions could be accessed by the users in their cart. There will be a monthly payment for subscription.
  • Booking Cancellation Booking Cancellation This feature allows the user to cancel a booking on account of any sort of inconvenience. A full refund is processed if the cancellation was a reasonable time ahead. Otherwise, a fee is deducted.
  • Location Location Our app has a GPS tracking feature, allowing the organisation to keep track of the cars they own. With the location feature, the customer can avail services to their doorstep, as well as set pickup and drop-off locations for the car.
  • Ledger List Ledger List This feature is essential to maintain the entries of the customer’s car bookings and cancellations.
  • Order Summary Order Summary The customers are able to view and confirm their order details before going through with the payment. This allows to keep mixups to a minimum.