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TeleMedicine Apps Development

Consulting process has become easy now with the online consultation Software. The TeleMedicine apps are becoming the trend now as many people prefer using such apps.

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Features of Doctor App


A doctor can include their name, address, photo, specialty, and availability. Likewise, they can give information on their experience and training.


Doctors can have scheduled appointments with the patients based on their availability.

EHR review

Offer the doctors a chance to check the clinical history of the patient before a meeting, and furthermore add new information to it.

Manage appointments

When the patient finds the necessary medical professional, one needs to book an appointment by means of the application and place information about health conditions and medical records, whenever required. Our app can handle time slots automatically and display whether there is one expert or another available.

Live video calls

Video calls assist doctors with looking at patients more precisely. A doctor can request that a patient expose their skin or throat for example to see an injury close up to make a diagnosis. Doctors can likewise use voice-only calls and built-in chat options to speak with patients.

Electronic clinical records

Doctors have access to the medical records of their patients whenever they need them.

Digital prescriptions

This application permits doctors to prescribe medicines directly in the application. These prescriptions can be used by patients to buy medicine or to obtain other health services at medical facilities.

Features of Patient App


When dealing with app sign-ups, we make this process as easy to complete as possible for the users.


A patient can enter their name, address, sex, age, medical history, and other information needed to start the treatment process to build a profile.

Book an appointment

This is outstanding amongst other advantages of telemedicine application for patients that a user can see a list of doctors, see their profiles, and book an appointment with the doctor they choose. This feature is one of the most important as it provides patients with details about the availability of a doctor and helps them to book a time that is suitable for them.

Video conferencing

Patients use this feature when they need a doctor to examine them. Doctors direct initial observations through video chat. Proper diagnosis and therapeutic accuracy depend on good connection and a clear picture.

Voice-only calls

Most people would prefer not to reveal their faces with regard to psychological issues. Our App gives a voice-only call feature for these reasons. It offers a protected forum for people who feel reluctant to get trained assistance to speak about their issues.

Payment gateway

After the consultation, a patient pays the doctor for the service provided. To achieve this, you need to integrate payment gateway via API. Which can accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Patients may also pay using HSA or FSA debit cards as long as they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Push notifications

Push notifications are your primary way of communicating with your users. Alert users of upcoming appointments or meetings, alert success transactions and incoming messages and advertise your services.

Ratings and reviews

Once the patient has received medical treatment from a doctor a patient can rate the doctor and leave a review. This feature helps new patients make better decisions while finding doctors.


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