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  • Easy Virtual Consulting
  • Book Online/Offline Appointments
  • Flexible Timings For Consultation
  • Doctor Consulting through Audio, Video, or chat
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A telemedicine app solution enables the doctors to extend their medical expertise to areas with no or less access to physicians and decent medical care- promoting widespread healthcare access and ultimately, saving more lives. Telemedicine technologies unlock the potential for enhanced healthcare infrastructure, whilst encouraging the patients to be careful, and mindful in terms of their health.

Sigosoft offers user-friendly telemedicine app solutions for healthcare organizations, clinicians, and doctors to facilitate remote visits with patients, online appointment booking, appointment scheduling, health monitoring, real-time access to health data, and many more. Our robust and customized telemedicine apps are developed by talented developers with years of experience in creating unique mobile app packages with high security.

Must-have Features of the Telemedicine App

    Patients App

    Patients App

    • Easily book appointments
    • Secure payment gateway
    • View doctor information
    • Electronic health records
  • Easy Sign up Easy Sign up When dealing with app sign-ups, we make this process as easy to complete as possible for the users.
  • Voice only calls Voice only calls The voice-only call feature offers a protected forum for people who feel reluctant to get trained assistance to speak about their issues.
  • Profiles Profiles A patient can enter their name, address, sex, age, medical history, and other information needed to start the treatment process to build a profile.
  • Book an appointment Book an appointment A user can see a list of doctors, see their profiles, and book an appointment with the doctor they choose.
  • Video Consultation Video Consultation Patients use this feature when they need a doctor to examine them. Doctors direct initial observations through video chat.
  • Push Notifications Push Notifications This alerts users of upcoming appointments or meetings, alert-success transactions, and incoming messages, and advertises your services.
  • Authentication Authentication The patients can use the app to consult specialist doctors on chat or call from the phone, privately and securely.
  • Hybrid App Hybrid App Cost-effective mobile application development environment available for both Android and iOS devices, offering an excellent user experience.
  • Audio consultation Audio consultation The patients can get their consultation through voice calls with the experts.
  • In-app Chat In-app Chat The patients can communicate with the doctors through the private messaging option.
  • Video recording Video recording The patient can record the video consultation with the doctor.
  • Splash Screen Splash Screen This is the introductory screen where the patients can get the overall details.
  • Lookup Doctors Lookup Doctors The patients can search for the doctors using the search bar.
  • Sort & Filter Sort & Filter The patients can filter and get the results based on the treatments, cost, location, and so on.
  • Secure Communication Secure Communication The interaction with the medical experts will be highly secured.
  • Ratings & Reviews Ratings & Reviews Once the patient has received medical treatment from a doctor a patient can rate the doctor and leave a review.




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