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Use Sigosoft's Van Sales App and enhance your sales!

Sigosoft, one of the leading mobile app development company, offer's the amazing van sales app. With this app, you can boost your sales and increase your ROI.

Van Sales can prove to be an asset for your company, as well as the sales team. With Sigosoft, increase your digital offering using van sales app. Our Van sales app can help you in reducing the cost and time required for order processing.

At Sigosoft, we strive hard to offer service as per your requirements. With our digital delivery system, you can enhance your van sales business to a great extent.

Thinking is it necessary to invest in new technologies?

If yes, then read the next statement.

Incorporating new technologies can increase the credibility of your brand. Moreover, this is more flexible, as well as vigorous.

Van sales app also reduces the process of paperwork and simplifies your management. With this app, you can get real-time information about the stock, customers, pricing, etc.

Why do you need an app for van sales?

In case you're in the wholesale and distribution sector, you likely have van salesmen out and about visiting clients with physical catalogs while taking orders using pen and paper and thus communicating orders back to base through Phone calls or messages.

Van sales have consistently been challenging. Reps are continually on the road managing work from their vans. It's an exceptionally troublesome task and reps should be proficient and focused on dealing with their own time while keeping motivated to accomplish sales targets.

The most serious issues that van sales reps have faced would now be able to be assigned to the past. As advancement in technologies has become possibly the most important factor, van sales reps have begun getting much more profitable and effective on the day-to-day tasks.

Industries: Wholesale, Retail, Food & Beverage, Distribution & Logistics, Pharmaceutical

Van Sales Mobile Application Features

Customer Mobile App Features
  • Registration and login
    The sign-in page is the initial process to get into the application, and we have made the processes of registration and authorization simple. We have provided multiple options for registration. The user can fill in their name, an email, a mobile number, and a password or allow entry through social media profiles.
  • Product details
    The respective stores have full control over its profile in the app. They can provide all the information to the users to help them out. This includes details like product images, phone number, and reviews.
  • Order scheduling
    Using this scheduling option, the users are able to order the products in advance by setting the delivery time. The users no need to sit and wait for a long time instead they can simply schedule and receive their order whenever they need.
  • Order tracking
    After the order is placed, there is no need for the users to wait for the delivery. They can track the progress of their order through the app.With this feature, the user can easily track their order and know about its status.
  • Special discounts
    Our app shows attractive offers to the users, who will be delighted to order items from the app using special deals and discounts. This is going to assure customer loyalty and satisfaction, along with attracting more customers to the app. Of course, through push notifications, we let people know about all the attractive deals and offers on the app.
  • Coupon codes
    The users can use the coupon codes and special discounts which they will be notified of for any occasion. These occasional offers will be valid only for a specific time and only applicable in particular stores.
  • Multiple payment methods
    Our apps have multiple payment methods. The user can pay with credit or debit cards, internet banking, wallets and even cash on Delivery (COD) is available. These multiple payment methods online could help if the user runs out of cash.
  • Fast delivery
    After placing an order and confirming payment, the users will be provided with the contact information of the delivery person. The users can contact the delivery guy and get information about where they are and how long it will take for them to deliver.
Warehouse Web App Features
  • Manage request
    This helps to collect and track the feedback given by the supervisors.
  • Manage stock
    This helps in keeping track of the number of stocks left out and the stocks being sold out.
  • Stock History
    This feature helps to store the stock details in the database for the future use.
  • Reports
    A report contains stock information that can help to make changes in the next stock activity if needed.
Supervisor Mobile App Features
  • Easy sign-up process
    When dealing with app sign-ups, we make this process as easy to complete as possible for the sales reps.
  • Push notifications
    A quick notification will be sent when there is a new order request or if anyone cancels the order.
  • Order management
    This helps to manage the total number of orders taken, number of defective products in stock, and rectifying the reasons for order cancellations.
  • Message or chats
    If the supervisor needs to give any information to the van salesman, they can use the inbox messaging system to send a group or private messages to them.
  • Assigning the orders
    If a new order is being shown on the list, the admin can assign it to the drivers nearby the location from which the order is being placed. The admin can even modify according to the status of the driver.
  • Reports
    A report can help track the performance of the organization on the weekly basis or monthly basis.
Retailer Web App Features
  • Customer management
    This helps to add customer data such as Name, address, e-mail, date of purchase, previous order, etc.
  • Billing
    This helps to keep a track on monthly payments and daily payments when sales is done through the app.
  • Print
    This helps to have a record of sales done and it can be stored for the future purpose.
  • Customer History
    This feature is used to track the previous activities done by the customers through the app.
  • Reports
    A report contains log activity, sales traces, and other information to help the retail owners keep track on the process they follow to increase sales.
Call Center Web App
  • Customer Management
    This helps to add customer data such as Name, address, e-mail, date of purchase, previous order, etc.
  • New Entry
    This helps to know the new order requests.
  • Manage orders
    This helps in keeping track of the number of order requests and the completed order details.

Van Sales Software

Sigosoft's mobile van sales software gives the way toward selling the products from the stock (stockroom) to the demand point (client) through vans. This process includes the distribution of goods as well as establishes the core delivery of products at the place of demand.

  • Stock from the central office is moved to various vans/branches based on certain stock requests. It is essential to process the request from the vans/branch for the stock exchange.
  • Stock requests from various vans/branches can be processed by higher authorities dependent on the approval rights.
  • After the request approval from various vans/branches, the stock will be moved from a central warehouse.
  • If any of the items are returned by van/branch, they can be appropriately represented through the stock return document.
  • The items can be transferred to the client (credit clients/cash clients) from the vans/branch.
  • Whenever the items are returned from a client, they can be appropriately represented as the receipt number in the sales return document.
  • The collection against invoices from various clients can be entered through the collection entry. It tends to be in cash/cheques/ fund transfer mode.

How does van sales software help your company generate more revenue?

Van sales management is the backbone of supply chain management for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) organizations.

As a wholesale distribution organization, you may do what's called DSD, or Direct Store Delivery, when you offer items to your retail clients. In this model, you deliver items directly to the retail store, skipping the retail company’s distribution center and going directly to the shops where the products will be offered to the last customer.

This situation presents a unique upselling opportunity because your drivers are right in front of the customer with stock. Moreover, in some cases, the client on their own will see something that they need, or acknowledge they need to arrange more items.

In such cases, it's profitable if your van driver can make a sale right away. If he doesn't already have the stock with him, and the client needs a last-minute order of some item, it's still gainful if he can rapidly verify whether the stock is available back at the warehouse.

Unfortunately, without the correct tools set up, your driver will be unable to make the sale. Or then again, to accomplish something direct like checking inventory, he might have to go through a series of convoluted steps like making multiple calls, checking back with the warehouse, etc. This keeps simple sales from occurring. At any rate, it takes a pointless measure of time, when your workers could be going to the next store.

To fix this, you can implement a van delivery sales application for your business. This application permits your drivers to make sales while they are out with customers.

We have a Spot billing software facility that will eliminate manual billing, delivery, stock picking, and stock management. Sigosoft Van Sales spot billing app is an integrated ERP software to fulfill the route accounting software automation, supply chain , logistics management for all types of trading.

Real-Time ERP Integration

Real-time ERP integration guarantees that your mobile app is integrated with the digital list in your ERP. This guarantees that your rep can access real-time product information, customer specific-pricing, stock availability, order history, statements, and much more.

Vast Savings on Reprinted Catalogues

Having a mobile van sales application that has your list integrated can help you remove those expenses and for all. You'll don't require physical catalogs for your van sales rep. They'll have the option to feature your digital list's products in a productive way on a tablet or mobile.

Digital Catalog

A van sales mobile application has an integrated digital list that your van sales rep can use anytime and from any place while being sure the list is up-to-date.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Sometimes for workers to be more beneficial, they need the correct tool that permits them to do as such. A van sales application can make it conceivable with a couple of simple taps. It permits the rep to submit new sales orders directly into your ERP very quickly. They can likewise see client account information, credit limit, credit limit, credit balance, order history, and more while face-to-face.

Decrease Admin Costs and Errors

As a rule, van sales reps need to physically take orders from clients and get back to them into the workplace.

Having your own van sales application guarantees that the rep presently doesn't need to take orders through phone calls or messages as they will actually want to put orders directly into your ERP framework using the application, limiting the opportunity of errors.

Why choose Sigosoft for van sales app development?

Sigosoft, one of the leading mobile app development companies, offers the amazing van sales app. With this app, you can boost your sales and increase your ROI.

Van Sales can prove to be an asset for your company, as well as the sales team. With Sigosoft, increase your digital offering using the van sales app. Our Van sales app can help you in reducing the cost and time required for order processing.

At Sigosoft, we strive hard to offer service as per your requirements. With our digital delivery system, you can enhance your van sales business to a great extent.

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