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10 Best Apps to order Medicine online in India


Every year, more and more industries adopt the on-demand business model to ease users’ lives and improve their business. Out of all, the Healthcare sector has evolved rapidly over the years in India.


Using the latest healthcare apps, you can not only order medicines online but also perform various other things such as book consultations with doctors or carry out lab tests at the comfort of your home.


Whether you are running a small or big pharmaceutical business offline, you have an incredible opportunity to take it online because the demand for medical store apps in India will increase in the near future.


As a leading mobile app development company in India, we have delivered some of the most intuitive and feature-rich mobile apps to our clients. If you also want to take your pharmacy business online, contact us!


The second wave of Pandemic taught some lessons for all of us. One of these is the increasing importance of online in our lives. It made even the most skeptics embrace the digital economy. One of these is buying medicines online. There are several apps that allow you to order medicines online.




The online pharmacy app offers doorstep delivery of medicines and provides up to 20% savings. Netmeds also sends reminders for the refill of regular medicines. Online doctor consultation and lab test facility to are available on the app.




1mg allows users to order allopathic, Homeopathic, and Ayurvedic medicines. The app also offers 15% discounts on the medicines ordered. Apart from medicines, you also consult an online doctor and book a lab test using the app. You can also order health and wellness products and can get free and regular health tips curated by doctors and experts.




This online pharmacy app offers doorstep delivery of medicines in more than 1200 cities across India. The app offers a flat 20% discount on medicines and you can also order healthcare and OTC products and medical equipment using the app. It also offers online doctor consultation and you can also book diagnostic tests from the app.


Apollo 24×7


This healthcare app is part of Apollo Hospitals Group, the app offers 2 hour delivery of medicines in major cities in the country. You can also avail 24 hours doctor consultation and also book lab tests including blood tests, full body checkups, and preventive health checkups from the app.




You can use Practo to order medicines online and also to find a doctor near you. The app allows you to order 40,000 plus medicines and it also sends you reminders for refills by remembering your past orders. Along with this, you can also book lab tests using the app.




BookMeds offers free doorstep delivery of medicines. You can order medicines on the app by uploading the prescription given by the doctor. It also allows you to set up bill reminders so that you never miss out on medicine.




The online medicine delivery app offers up to a 20% discount on medicines and you can also order diabetic care, sexual wellness, personal care, ayurvedic care, homeopathy, and Unani products from the app. The app also promises to offer 2 hours express delivery on medicines on select pin codes. You can also book lab tests using the app.




The MedGreen online medicine ordering app offers a 20% discount on medicines and up to a 70% discount on wellness products. The app also allows users to book diagnostic tests and also avail up to 70% discount on them.


MedPlus Mart


The MedPlusMart is an online pharmacy app that allows you to save up to 35% on medicines. Along with this, on every purchase, the app also offers reward points that can be redeemed on future orders. The app also offers free doctor consultations. You can also set pill reminders in the app, which will then send a notification on your phone reminding you to take your medicine.




The online medicine ordering app promises to offer up to 72% discount on medicines. The app also gives more than a 50% discount if you switch to alternatives. Like most of the online pharmacy apps, this one also offers free online consultation.




We hope that you liked our list of best apps for ordering medicine online in India. You can try any of these apps for ordering medicines, scheduling appointments with a doctor, etc.


Lastly, if you have an offline pharmacy business & want to take it online or you have a unique medicine app idea, then you can approach Sigosoft, a leading mobile app development company. The cost starts at 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD. Time requried will be one month to two months according to the requirements. Our experts will brainstorm on your project idea and deliver you the best medicine app.

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