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How To Create An E-Bike Share App Like Yulu?

Bike sharing App like yulu


E- Bikes are trending now  and as we know metro cities are always the right place for personal and professional growth. But traffic congestion is the main issue which swallows the central part of the time in our daily life. Public transportations, cars, autos and even taxis can’t escape from this scenario. So daily commuters are looking for a flexible way to travel short to medium distances daily. Here is the solution



Yulu logo  

A solution for bike-sharing platform that helps traffic and saves costs on fuel significantly. But nowadays, everyone prefers electric Vehicles, and thus a need for an electric bike-share app arises.

In 2019, The Bengaluru based Company started a bike-share platform with an electric scooter as Yulu Miracle. Amit Gupta, RK Misra, Hemant Gupta, Naveen Dachuri are the founders and co-founders of Yulu.

 It provides Micro Mobility Vehicles. Yulu Miracle is a dockless bike-share which aims at Short distance journeys up to 5 km.

Yulu bike operates in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bhubaneswar with more than 18,000 single-seater vehicles across 5 million users

The App shows the availability of bikes near the user and its battery percentage. If the Charge is not enough, then the battery swapping option is also there. Apps send battery charge percentage notifications to the users at regular time intervals.


How does the Yulu works?



E- Bike Share App


Yulu bike gear up with a protected lock system and MMVs ( Micro Mobility Vehicles) specially built for freeways. Each vehicle is added into a mobile application that provides a much more effortless connection and convenience to take a trip anytime we need it.

The Company builds dedicated Yulu Zones that the people can access and use easily within the city. Metro stations, Parks and residential areas are on the list. A Yulu MMV can only be used in the Yulu zones from anywhere, but travel can’t end outside the region.


How Does Yulu Make Money?


Yulu provides three types of products in bike-sharing: Miracle, Move and Dex. 


Yulu Miracle 

Yulu Miracle

Yulu Miracle is your perfect companion to explore cities and also discover the undiscovered. Its great style as well as unmatched capability makes it a unique kind of transportation. It is  pollution-free and contributes to a greener environment.



Yulu Move

Yulu MOVE: Yulu Move is a bicycle secured with a smart lock that resolves minor miles problems. It is beneficial for those who love to burn calories somehow, and we can say Yulu MOVE can be used for cycling purposes with zero pollution.



Yulu Dex

Dex is designed for short mile delivery purposes. Its design outbound the usage and can hold up to 12Kgs. With the help of Dex, delivery agents can reduce their operating costs up to 30-45%.


Can Yulu be parked anywhere?


The bikes has to strictly parked at lawful Yulu Hub. The company prohibited to park Yulu bike  in any private property, closed areas, or any other pocket roads. The Yulu bikes should be parked at a location where the users can access easily 


Bike Sharing Competitors Of Yulu


Yulu has so many bike-sharing competitors; among them, a few of them are just behind 


What are the benefits Of E-Bike sharing Apps?


  • Eco-friendly and Zero pollution
  • Easy to access and use
  • Affordable Charge per kilometer
  • Overcome traffic congestion
  • No need to own a driving License


Essential Features For A Bicycle Sharing App


A bike-sharing app allows users to install the app first. Then pick a suitable vehicle according to their journey. After payment, unlock the bike by QR code, then return the bike to a docking station or lock it after use.


Let’s examine the key features your App will need: 

  • Account Login

The primary step is to create an account in a bike rental app. Authentication of user also has to be done through e-mail or SMS

  • QR code 

Secured Unlock has to be done by scanning a QR code. Users unlock bikes by scanning QR codes in the dedicated App. So that integration of camera with App is necessary to scan the code

  • GPS Tracking

 The bike-sharing App cannot work without GPS tracking. To find the location of the available bike, active bike etc, If theft happened, then also to find the bike 

  • Payment Gateways

Everyone is also comfortable with online transactions like Gpay, Paytm, Paypal, and Pay later Apps. So for the easy transaction and running of an app, online payment gateways are essential.

  • Push Notifications

Notifications are inevitable for the successful running of an app. Here, to remind the wallet status, battery status, rental time and time durations, etc., must be notified.


Market For Bike Sharing App

Yulu statitics

Electric bikes are in demand now because of the fuel price and pollution free feature. So that government also promotes e-vehicle. The growth rate of the Bike Sharing Market CAGR of >6% over the next 5 years.


The Cost For Developing A Bike Sharing App


The bike-sharing App doesn’t have many features compared to on-demand apps. So the development cost depends upon the usual features as follows.


  • Customized features for the App  
  • Choosing Suitable Platforms like Android, iOS, or Hybrid
  • User-Friendly UI/UX design
  • Developer’s hourly payments
  • Maintenance charge 


A fully-developed project might cost between $30,000 to $100,000. Asian companies always provide a budget-friendly estimate compared to European countries. So selecting an experienced, budget-friendly company like Sigosoft is the wise decision.


Wrap Up


Traffic congestion and pollution are the main issues in metro cities that a daily commuter faces. Only an E-Bike share app can be a solution for this. Yulu bike offer a dockless, budget-friendly, easily accessible E-bike sharing platform within the city.


The revenue shows E-bike sharing apps have a profitable market in the future. Thus to develop a budget-friendly app, Sigosoft will be your right partner.

Image Credits:, Yulu

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